Come on, let’s not pretend Pompey is a city of love

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Clive Smith

It’s a tradition popular in Europe, where people leave a padlock with their initials on fixed to a landmark as a mark of their love or as an act of remembrance.

It conjures up visions of the cities of love such as Paris, Rome, Venice. But not Portsmouth

I reckon the sculpture may be a bit of a novelty to start with, but will eventually become an eyesore.

The sight of 100s of rusty old locks will look great and people will travel for miles around just to get a look. Not.

Apparently bridges in some countries have started to collapse under the weight of all the padlocks.

Are the taxpayers of Portsmouth going to have to foot the bill for all the health and safety issues this sculpture will doubtless bring with it?

The tradition started with a tale based on a woman who lost her soldier love to another during the first World War.

Young women then started to attach a padlock to the bridge where she used to meet her lover.

Ah, the romance of it. The story could be right out of a Bronte novel.

It conjures up visions of the cities of love such as Paris, Rome, Venice.

But not Portsmouth.

These are sophisticated European cities with their al fresco eating, high fashion and famous architecture.

Meanwhile Portsmouth has Greggs, Wetherspoons and Cash Converters.

It’s not a city of love, so let’s not start pretending it is.

The Facebook Group ‘Portsmouth Love Locks’ that promotes this idea is just cringeworthy.

It’s a constant drivel about ‘love’ and ‘who loves love’.

They say: ‘We might be way behind the times, but we are going to be the best! If you love someone, show them!’

Marvellous. Let’s show someone we love them by popping into Wilkinsons to buy a cheap padlock and putting it up on some sculpture to go rusty.

I’m sure the hipsters will love this rubbish.

Mind you, they’ll be fighting off a queue of people down there with disc cutters and angle grinders who’ll have the local ‘scrappy’ on speed dial.