Come on Ricky! Show us some moves and your pants

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I’m expecting big things of Ricky Martin, the Stubbington lad currently battling it out on The Apprentice.

It’s too early to say yet whether he’ll be a hit in the actual tasks.

No offence to Ricky, but the hoops Lord Sugar makes them jump through often have very little to do with business acumen, more like a lorryload of luck and a gargantuan gob.

But what Ricky can bring to the table is body slams...and teeny tiny Lycra pants.

As a pro wrestler, I want Ricky to single-handedly lead the charge for better task celebrations.

When the lads score a win this season, I want him to pick the project manager up, bear hug him to the ground and sit on his legs.

High-fives are so 1980s.