COMMENT: All this might be a taster of rancour yet to come

Another week closer to the Brexit deadline, and still the mud-slinging and political wrangling goes on, with seemingly little progress on the terms of our departure from the European Union 

At a national level Boris Johnson is squaring up against the PM while Jeremy Corbyn waits in the wings and here we have Brexit minister and Fareham MP Suella Braverman sounding off at Portsmouth South Labour MP Stephen Morgan.

The cacophony of political discord has never sounded so harsh or raucous.

If only we had known what we were letting ourselves in for when we went to vote in that simple-sounding referendum!

Mrs Braverman accuses Mr Morgan and his Labour colleagues of a betrayal of those who voted to leave the EU after he backed Sir Keir Starmer’s call for ‘all options’ to be kept on the table — including the possibility of remaining in the union.

But surely even the most ardent remainers must agree that that option has not been on the table since Britain voted on June 23, 2016?

Britain decided to leave the EU. With merely weeks to go until that happens, how could we possibly turn back the clock?

The referendum divided the nation once.

Imagine the carnage (metaphorical and possibly literal) that would ensue if a second referendum reversed the decision of the first?

Cooler heads must prevail, and parties of all colours should surely be working to ensure we leave the EU on the best possible terms for all hard-working British families.

If only the sound and fury politicians and pundits are directing towards each other could be harnessed into finding a collaborative way forward, surely there is still time to sort out this mess before next March?

But the way things are going, might this political maelstrom be just a taste of the rancour to come?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​