COMMENT: Apprehension over Brexit is not going to fade away

IT wasn't the most surprising poll result of all time.

Sunday, 22nd April 2018, 8:00 pm

In a survey conducted by The News, Brexit-backers in Portsmouth are concerned with the efforts being made by the government to cut ties with the EU.

Out of 1,500 people, 46 per cent of those who supported the Leave campaign are ‘unhappy’, compared to 32 per cent who were pleased with the progress so far.

That’s not a great figure, but it’s even worse among those who voted to remain, with almost three-quarters (73 per cent) saying they were frustrated with how talks were going.

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Portsmouth City Council boss Donna Jones is just one person who is not surprised.

‘Sometimes the not knowing makes people hesitant and apprehensive, Cllr Jones remarked.

They are certainly true words, but the situation won’t change anytime soon.

Brexit has been a massive topic of conversation ever since the EU Referendum was held on June 23, 2016.

Yes, that’s nearly two years ago – and since then countless millions of words have been spoken and written about the Brexit progress.

But for all that, we don’t really know much more now than we did back in June 2016.

That is why those who voted to Leave are concerned, and those who voted to remain are even more concerned.

That is why Brexit is a hot topic today, and it will remain so for years. Decades even.

It might surprise some to learn that 87 per cent of Leave voters and 91 per cent of Remain supporters would still vote the same way today.

It will be fascinating to revisit that as and when the final Brexit deal is announced, and see what people think then.

Until that day, though – and who knows when that day will dawn – we must prepare for more hesitation, and certainly a lot more apprehension.