COMMENT: Pompey are right to want to protect their brand

What's in a word? Plenty, according to Portsmouth Football Club.

Wednesday, 11th April 2018, 6:56 am

So much, in fact, that chief executive Mark Catlin has revealed the club wants to trademark the word ‘Pompey’.

The Blues also want to trademark two logos with 1898 on them – referencing the year Pompey was formed – in addition to the words Portsmouth Football Club and Portsmouth FC.

As the Blues continue their bid to climb back up the football pyramid to their previous lofty position in the Premier League, thoughts have turned to merchandising and how the club can protect their brand.

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It’s understandable really. While there is only a ‘small’ market of unofficial merchandise at the moment, that could change if Pompey do get back in the big time.

There is huge commercial potential, so the club are right to place a value on a name known around the world and stop traders selling scarves and such like and trying to pass them off as official. It protects the club and it protects fans.

Trademarking should ensure that revenue from merchandise goes back to the club and not into the pockets of people trying to profit from the club and its history.

Pompey back in the Premier League would definitely create a greater demand for all manner of items.

Of course, there may be those who have misgivings about all this. But it’s important to note the club’s insistence that existing businesses with the word Pompey in their name will be unaffected.

And don’t forget that top Premier League clubs such as Manchester United took steps years ago to protect their brands in a similar way.

We see no reason why ambitious Pompey should not seek to follow suit.