COMMENT: Students celebrate their success Picture: Duncan Shepherd

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THERE is a distinct case of deja vu in today’s edition of The News. Last Friday we sang the praises of our region’s students who were celebrating great A-level results. A week on, we are doing the same for those teenagers who yesterday received their GCSE grades.  

Last Friday we devoted seven pages to the A-level results and made no apology for doing so. This is a newspaper which likes to shout about the achievements of young people when it can.

A week on, another seven pages and no apology again. Just a celebration of our youngsters celebrating.

Of course, not everyone will have opened up their envelopes and received good news. We do not live in a perfect world, after all. Yet those who did not get the results they were after should take on board the comments of Portsmouth City Council cabinet member for education, Suzy Horton.

‘Today might not be cause for celebration for everyone, but learning never stops,’ she admitted. ‘If you try your best, work hard and focus on what you are good at, other doors will open.’

They are certainly wise words. Exam results are important – if they weren’t, we wouldn’t take them in the first place – but they are not the be all and end all.

Across the region, figures released by Hampshire County Council showed a slight increase in the number of students achieving a standard pass.

Councillor Roz Chadd enthused: ‘This is a huge achievement. There’s no question the new GCSE examinations are tougher than ever, yet Hampshire’s pupils have performed excellently.

‘They should be proud of their results, as should their families and schools.’

More wise words.

In this day and age, perhaps we don’t take as much pride in hard work and good results as we should. A little bit of pride in ourselves, and others, can go a very long way indeed.