COMMENT: Surely more can be done to help out community

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An Englishman’s home is his castle – so goes the saying.

One’s home should be the one place all of us can feel secure, happy and relaxed.

So imagine if you felt your home was being targeted by gangs of young thugs.

They bang on the windows, frightening you and your pets.

They terrorise the local community, shoplifting and bringing general menace.

Well that’s the sad story we bring you today.

The community in Baffins tell of how the gangs of thugs are running riot around the area.

They are making many people’s lives a misery.

But, as we report today, they’ve had enough and have decided to take action.

They took to the streets gathering signatures for a petition.

The hope is that it will force Hampshire police to take more assertive action to tackle the problem.

While it’s great to see a community come together like this for a common cause, it’s sad that the cause in question is one that’s bringing such misery.

Yes, we understand the police have priorities.

And they say in their statement that they’re aware of the problems and community 
officers regularly patrol the area.

But the residents feel more could be done.

One of those affected tells The News today that she feels that a ‘shameless generation’ are responsible.

They feel they’re untouchable and above the law.

We hope that’s not the case.

Yes, we know the police are being pulled in all directions but surely more can be done to tackle this problem.

Before it gets to the point that people feel they have to leave their own community to find peace and quiet.