COMMENT: Volunteering can make a difference at QA Hospital

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Rushed to Queen Alexandra Hospital after suffering a heart attack, the future didn't look good for Melvin Louch.

His condition was so serious that his wife, Vi, was asked if she wanted her husband resuscitated. But Melvin survived, thanks to the efforts of doctors who brought him back from the brink and saved his life.    

That's a remarkable enough story as it is, a powerful reminder of the amazing work done by NHS medics every day. But the team at the QA saved Melvin more than once. After two heart attacks, a stroke and kidney failure, he’s still here to tell the tale.

So it's no surprise the 75-year is incredibly grateful to those who cared for him. His way of showing that is to volunteer at the hospital. 

He recalls: 'I was so well looked after by everyone – they were all superb and saved my life. Saying thank you for what they did doesn’t mean much, so I wanted to show my gratitude by giving something back.'

Isn't that great? Melvin may not be so quick on his feet these days, but it hasn't stopped him taking on the job of delivering flowers donated to the QA by Sainsbury's to reception on all seven levels of the hospital.

We applaud Melvin for the contribution he's making to life at the hospital. Those flowers must help to brighten up the surroundings for patients and staff alike.

His keenness to help also reminds us all of the importance of volunteering in an NHS where resources can be seriously stretched.

Of course members of the public can't do what highly-trained doctors and nurses are capable of. But there are many little jobs that can be done by volunteers.

So please consider giving up a little of your time to help out at the QA. Just a few hours could really help and, like Melvin, you'll find it so rewarding.