COMMENT: You showed that you all really care about others

As the festive season gets under way, we asked you to think of others less fortunate '“ and once again, you didn't disappoint.

Saturday, 16th December 2017, 6:47 am

Today we’re delighted to reveal that our Comfort and Joy Christmas campaign has raised more than £12,000.

It has shown the young adults, families, the homeless and those struggling with mental health issues and addictions who are helped by charities in this area that people really do care about them.

Our aim was simple. We wanted people on the margins of society to know that they weren’t forgotten.

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We know there are those out there who are facing difficulties in their lives.

So we asked you, our ever-generous readers, to help us by giving gift vouchers and cards to make Christmas more enjoyable for those who might otherwise receive nothing.

Every year we’re humbled by the way people respond to our Christmas campaigns by digging deep – and 2017 was no different.

Eleven charities and more than 100 people gathered at a special carol service to collect bags full of gift vouchers and cards to distribute.

What is great about the donation of gift vouchers is that the recipients can choose their own presents.

People like 30-year-old Adam Archer, who lives at Hope House in Portsmouth which provides accommodation and support.

He said: ‘The vouchers are very helpful and useful to me and I will spend them on something nice.’

So a big thank you to everybody who gave a gift voucher – from us, from the charities who will distribute them and the people who will get the satisfaction of spending them.

You should feel very proud of yourselves.