Committed to upholding legacy of London 2012

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More than a year after the Olympic Games sparked enthusiasm for sport throughout the UK, I’m delighted that the sporting legacy has been maintained across the Gosport peninsula.

I recently pledged my own commitment to grassroots sport by becoming a Parliamentary Sport Champion and am looking forward to working closely with Sport Hampshire and IoW to promote the benefits of sport across our region in the coming months.

As you may have seen reported in The News, a number of exciting sporting developments have recently taken place in Gosport.

Both Bridgemary School and Bay House School have been awarded grants for new sporting facilities. At Bridgemary, this will take the form of a 3G football pitch, while Bay House will receive a new sports hall.

The best element of both of these new facilities is that they will not just be reserved for school pupils.

Local teams and community clubs will also have access to them, meaning that sporting activities will become much more accessible to people in the Gosport area.

I believe that the key to promoting sport is getting children enthusiastic about it from a young age.

That’s why I’m pleased this government has committed £300m to improving provision of PE in primary schools for the next two years.

The Gosport School Sports Partnership is also championing this idea and has teamed up with MEND to promote healthy lifestyles to 5-7 year-olds.

The scheme aims to tackle fussy eating habits and negative attitudes to exercise.

With nearly 20 per cent of Gosport’s Year 6 children classified as obese, estimated obesity levels are much higher than those for the rest of the UK.

It’s essential that we tackle this problem and I’m confident that the GSSP’s programme will go some way towards doing this.

Sport is a great way to keep fit and healthy, and I’m proud Gosport has coaches, volunteers and teachers who are committed to upholding the legacy of London 2012.