Compared to the super rich at Southampton International Boat Show my family were invisible: OPINION

I took my daughters to Southampton International Boat Show at the weekend – it’s with us all week, so if you’re in the market for something wonderfully expensive, it’s the place to be.

Tuesday, 17th September 2019, 3:41 pm
Millie Mackintosh opens the Southampton Boat Show, which runs until September 24th at Mayflower Park, Southampton. Picture: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

We wandered around the marina admiring the sleek lines of the super rich, and their boats.

It was obvious that we weren’t in the market to buy as we didn’t get invited on to a single one, nor did the sales reps – aka guards –  even make eye contact. 

There must be some kind of way of identifying looky-loos like us as we waddle along the pontoons.

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I expect we give off the aura of land lubber, or poor, or both.

It’s quite something though, to be that invisible.

I can understand it, why would they want members of the great unwashed clambering all over their boats?

The boat companies have paid handsomely to be there and are looking for buyers, not to be climbing frames for the ‘oooh, aaah’ brigade. 

But it was rather frustrating, given the ticket price and the excitement of going to only get on to a Russian replica ship built – we think – as some sort of sail training vessel.

I wasn’t entirely sure what the crew member was telling us being as he had an enthusiastic – but challenging – Russian accent.

But he was very pleased with whatever he was doing and how he was doing it.

Being a non-boat owner, the show then became a little less enticing as I didn’t need to buy anything for the boat I didn’t own.

But it was a perfectly pleasant morning out wandering around looking at people looking at things from the shade of our invisibility coat.

So my suggestions are, plan your trip well in advance and if you want to make the most of the free activities, apparently the place to book them is at the main entrance.

Don’t hope to get on a RIB ride like we did, and turn up on the pontoon, as it’s a 30 plus minute walk back to the booking tent.

Ah, the secrets of the initiated.

Just a shame we didn’t find out in advance. 

Think about what is really behind those political tweets

A campaign was launched last Monday to stop trolls online, you know the type, those that incite hate with a barrage of disgusting comments against individuals.

The plan is to ignore them. Block them and deny them the pain, upset and fame they crave. 

I spent some time looking at the profiles behind a pro-Boris thread, loads of voices saying ‘go Boris’ when he was busy proroguing.

I was shocked at how many of them weren’t people, but bots – fake accounts created and controlled by computer software. So while we shouldn’t amplify the voices of trolls, neither should we believe the amplification of politicians’ rhetoric by gung-ho auto-bots.

Netflix needs to put a ‘dross’ warning on all its content

I rewatched Fight Club – wow, what an amazing film. And it’s got Brad Pitt in it, perfect. 

I found it in the five-star section on Sky, which was something I needed after binge-watching a whole lot of rubbish on Netflix.

Although it’s great to have so much content available, someone needs to go through Netflix with a big brush and sweep out all the dross.

Or find a way of showing how many viewers had opted out of films before the opening credits have finished. There’s a certain camera angle, set with a sad chord, that always has me reaching for the off button.

But Fight Club? Extraordinary, and well worth the couple of quid to see it again in all its glory.