Competition to see which store can make us weep

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It’s Christmas advert time on the box. The competition to see which store can make us weep the most has begun in earnest.

But there’s a really fine balance between obviously tugging at our heartstrings with manufactured emotion as opposed to some genuine depth.

This year, the king of obviously pulling, heaving and tugging those strings is John Lewis and its snowmen.

The male snowman trudges through the snow for miles, up hills, down dale, across motorways, looking to buy his female companion some matching gloves and a hat, all to the tune of Frankie’s Power of Love.

The first time that I saw it, I wept a little (mostly because of the music), but now I’m wondering why John Lewis should choose to focus on the struggle to get a gift and not go for the online ordering option.

And also, are gloves the best gift for a snowwoman? Maybe an ice box would have been more appropriate to store herself in should the weather start to warm up.

ASDA has opted for bringing a more subtle tear to the eye with its wonder mum advert. This shows the behind-the-scenes work of a mum making the perfect Christmas.

I like this one. Very much. It has come in for all sorts of criticism for being sexist, but I think it reflects the truth of all the effort that goes into prepping Christmas.

Following the mum theme, but with a surreal twist, is Morrisons and the fantastic sequence in which ‘helpers’ keep opening cupboard doors.

This is cracking too and has quite an emotional ‘kerpow’ at the end. But what I don’t like, in any way whatsoever, is M & S’s. I don’t feel like it’s tried and has instead opted for four cheesy Xmas hits (and one awesome INXS one), and a load of people prancing around.

Debenhams has gone all Harry Pottery, Iceland’s into Narnia while Boots ventures back to reality. Meanwhile Waitrose is all about charity.

But my favourite of them all is TK Maxx’s. Set to Try A Little Tenderness, it’s all about going home to family.

It doesn’t try too hard and it has just the right amount of snow. Perfect.