Contract flaws highlight the problems off the field again

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I find the contracts situation Pompey find themselves in bizarre.

It really is incredible and it threatens to blow apart everything that is being achieved by the team.

I don't blame the players for this one bit.

These contracts are horrendously flawed.

To earn a contract off the back of being on a team-sheet, even as an unused sub, is wrong.

You have to get on the pitch to contribute.

Who was giving out these deals? Mickey Mouse? Daffy Duck?

In my last contract at Pompey I had to play 20, 30 or 40 games to get bonuses and I got a bonus if I scored 10 goals.

I had to achieve those things. I worked to achieve them and I achieved them.

They are fair boundaries and it made me focus on delivering.

It's such a shame for Steve Cotterill because he is being made to pay for rank stupidity that has occurred before he was at the club.

How can contracts so flawed and flimsy be given out?

Fair play to Steve for laying the cards on the table.

It's a problem inherited from a precious regime with no foresight.

I don't blame the players. I would do the same thing. I don't blame the people in charge now.

The problems lies with people at the club beforehand.

It's mismanagement from the top.