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LESLEY KEATING: It’s not a fat tax, just honest selling

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Fifty Shades of Grey. There, I said it. And pile in some intelligent PR stunting on behalf of B&Q, and you’ve got yourself a national trend.

But is it really what people want to see? Well it’s currently racked up over $500m at the box office.

Handwrite 52 small cards, and write on each a memory of your beloved parent for them to read each week for a year.

I guess this is part of a wider question really – are people still wanting to see films for the right reasons? If you pitched Shawshank Redemption’s core themes and values to a teenage audience, would they be that interested?

Cast your mind back to October 1994 (if, like mine, it goes that far – only just, mind). Shawshank, a cult classic, opened alongside Pulp Fiction and Forrest Gump. A tough month.

Indeed, Shawshank didn’t quite pull in the same audience figures and was considered a flop.

Give it 20 years and today it’s instantly recognised as a classic piece of cinema.

Takings don’t mean everything but it is worrying that studios nowadays perhaps bank on a film because of its controversy, rather than its content.

It’s that time of year again, Mother’s Day 2015. Mums are so special and so it’s no surprise that the nation always goes the extra mile – and buys flowers.

In fact, UK floristry sales rocket up by 40 per cent on this single day, every year.

Now I’m not knocking the humble bouquet, but wouldn’t it be nicer if we all tried to be a bit different?

While on the internet, my interests turned to new and creative present ideas for the family.

One such gift was a personalised family tree, printed and framed, with its leaves stretching out to show various family members and connections.

And of course the other reliable old failsafe is chocolate. Some posh chocolates can’t really go wrong.

Better still, I read about one of the most beautiful present ideas recently, and guess what, it’s free! Handwrite 52 small cards, and write on each a memory of your beloved parent for them to read each week for a year. Thoughtful. simple and unique. Sorted.

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