Cooking for the freezer is better for us and cheaper

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The one advantage of ready meals is their convenience.

In our often busy lives, when time is of the essence, it seems the easiest option at dinner time is to go to the freezer for something to pop in the microwave.

But what if you could eat a healthier alternative that was just as simple to cook?

That's the idea behind the Easy Freezy campaign, which launches today.

Part of the Healthy Pompey joint initiative between NHS Portsmouth and Portsmouth City Council, it's a response to a survey that found many families in the city were living on unhealthy frozen meals.

The aim is to remind people that tasty meals can be cooked and then frozen at home, rather than relying on packaged, shop-bought food.

You don't need to be Jamie Oliver to rustle them up – anybody can do it.

We're happy to give our support to Easy Freezy and will be printing recipes every Thursday that are simple, economic and healthy. Please try them out on your family and you'll be helping them as well as your family finances.

Sausage and bean casserole or spag bol, anyone? Or what about some home-made apple crumble? The message is that we can all make these delicious meals.

Easy Freezy shows us all that fast food does not have to be junk food. It can be healthy as well as in a hurry.

All it takes is a bit of planning and your own meals can be waiting in the freezer to be heated up rather than ones bought from the supermarket.

So, it's better for you and saves you money. Still need convincing? Well, the campaign is being backed by Linvoy Primus, the Pompey football legend who knows a thing or two about nutrition from his time on the pitch.

But he's also a dad-of-three and regularly makes home-cooked meals to freeze.

As Linvoy says: 'This is about raising awareness about the importance of fresh foods and how easy it can be to freeze your own meals to have another day. Once you give it a go you'll see how easy it is.'