Cool heads need to win out regarding
protest march

Have your say

Regardless of where you stand on the matter of refugees coming to the UK, you are perfectly entitled to express your opinion.

Fortunately we live in a democracy where we have freedom of speech.

And both sides of the argument have their merits – whether you agree with them or not.

There has already been a lot of debate on the matter of Portsmouth accepting more refugee families, and doubtless there will be plenty more as this crisis looks unlikely to end any time soon.

The announcement of a march on November 10 opposing Portsmouth City Council’s intention to ask for the city to be removed as a ‘cluster area’ for asylum families has already provoked a great deal of response.

This is an emotionally charged matter – you only need to take a look at the comments after any news story on the matter online, or try starting up a conversation in the pub on the subject, and you can see how polarising it is.

And it is that polarisation that can lead to political and religious radicalisation across the spectrum – make no mistake, radicalisation is not a preserve of the Muslim faith.

Sadly though, there are minority elements on the far left and right who turn out to events like this looking for violence.

And there are already accusations about the nature of the opposition’s marchers being hurled around.

Inflammatory language from either side in advance of the march is not going to help matters.

Nor should this march be allowed to be hijacked by those who are out simply looking for trouble.

Police say they are aware of the EDL’s intentions and are working with the organisers.

Let us hope that cool heads prevail and the march passes on November 10 without incident.