Costumes aside, Gosport’s big day out was brilliant

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Who would have thought that Gosport still has attractions to offer to residents who have lived here so long and still not seen it all?

I am talking about Gosport’s Big Day Out which continues to open up the doors of visitor attractions once a year – mainly for free – to let us all see what we’ve been missing.

Now in its fifth year, surely this was the one where we could stay inside and watch movies, away from the driving wind and rain? But no, as the children pointed out, we hadn’t been to a couple of the venues.

This year it was the turn of The Diving Museum which is perched at the end of Stokes Bay in a former fortification called No 2 Battery.

I was expecting a Tardis experience. You know, going through a tiny door and then finding a cavernous exhibition. It was not so, for No 2 Battery is what you’d call petit. But as all short people are forever telling me, good things come in small packages, and the diving museum’s people have packed as much into the space as they can.

From James Bond gear to the Mary Rose, there was the right amount of explanation to link in diving developments with common history and local characters. Plus, the signs were all the right length to keep interest, but not to bore. And, with it being a small place, the normal entrance fee is small as well.

Not so cheap for a family of five, but free last weekend at least, was the 17th Century Village. I’ve known it’s been there for some time, but haven’t quite managed to get up the enthusiasm to go, worried that I couldn’t cope with people in costumes talking to me in west country accents and calling me mistress.

I get a bit panicked around that type of activity, sure there must be some underlying motive to costume volunteering which I don’t get. But at least when you get bored with signs in static displays you can move on without appearing rude or hurting anyone’s feelings, whatever century they are from.

All that aside, it was actually really interesting to hear about our local history and look at the buildings.

For a tourist attraction behind the tip, it was more than alright. Plus it’ll give you a few good ideas for shed designs.