Could ITV2 do doggy version of TOWIE?

Lydia Bright from TOWIE
Lydia Bright from TOWIE
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She’s all dressed up like a dog’s dinner’ is an expression used about a woman dressed OTT and a tad tacky.

So what about a dinner where doggies are dressed up and costing £20,000? Lola’s doggy mummy Louise threw her a birthday party for 349 of her poochie pals. Dress code diamantes, darling.

Food served included sausage muffins and liver cakes. Yummy! Lola had so many mutt-mates because Louise has a four-legged friends’ pampering business called Diva Dogs In Essex.

Essex? That’s where TV reality show The Only Way is Essex is made. Where an assortment of over-blinged, over-botoxed, bedhopping twentysomethings talk a load of yoofspeak drivel.

Maybe ITV2 could do a doggy version, The Only Way is Diva Dogs in Essex. Any doggy-speak would be just the same as TOWIE – incomprehensible.