Could we take the pain like a woman?

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If it was possible for a man to experience labour and the excruciating contractions that come with it, how long would he be able to put up with the pain before enough was enough and he requested the pain come to an end?

I’m guessing the answer to that question will differ whether you are a man or a woman.

When I asked some of my female friends what would be different if a man had to go through pregnancy and labour, some of the comments that came back included, ‘natural childbirth would become obsolete’ and ‘there would be morning sickness wards in hospitals’.

In my unscientific poll it seems woman don’t think us men would cope too well.

But what if we could put it to the test and see if a man could really handle the same pain a woman feels? Well this question has finally been answered.

Two brave male Dutch TV presenters volunteered to be hooked up to electrodes that when attached to their bodies replicated the same pain felt by women during childbirth and 
the ordeal was filmed for their TV show.

Of course the big difference here was, unlike a woman in labour, they could stop the pain whenever they wanted.

After doing a bit of research I found out the shortest ever labour recorded was just eight minutes. Although 
not long, I’m sure it was just as painful.

But maybe not as exhausting as the longest ever labour recorded at 75 days.

So how long did the two male Dutch TV presenters last with labour pains shooting through their bodies?

Well after just two hours they’d had enough and begged for the pain to 
stop and for the electrodes to be taken off.

You might be laughing at that but I think that is amazing. I watched both of my daughters being born and witnessed the pain my partner Serena was experiencing during the labour and it amazed me that a human body can endure so much pain and stress. I think if that was me I wouldn’t have lasted five minutes.

I admit I have an incredibly low pain threshold. I stub my toe and feel like I need a visit to A&E for pain relief.

Of course if a woman wants a baby then she will have to go through labour and the pain that comes with it.

If it were the other way around and it was men who had to go through childbirth, then of course we would. It’s the only way the human race would continue.

But I think the hospital would need to add a significant amount of extra storage space to stock all the extra pain relief needed.