Course sounds totally ridiculous

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Acollege in London is offering a new course in taking the perfect selfie for just £132.

Acollege in London is offering a new course in taking the perfect selfie for just £132.

The course, which is actually called The Art Of Self-Portraiture, promises to ‘improve your critical understanding of the photographic self-portrait.’

Over four sessions at City-Lit college in London, budding photographers will be taught how to ‘explain ideas of space, place and surrounding issues’, ‘use light and significant detail’ in their work and even ‘develop new ideas to make your photography more relevant to your aims’.

This sounds totally ridiculous!

If you ask me, people signing up for that course ought to take a long, hard look at themselves.

Although to be fair, as it’s a course in selfies, they probably will.

The fuel price is continuing to fall and I heard someone going on the other day about how it’s leading to longer queues at the pumps because people are buying more.

But I reckon that’s not the case. I think it’s taking the same time as before and here’s why.

Because the price has come down tightwads like me aren’t spending ages at the pump trying to get the ‘amount to pay’ figure dead on the 10 or 20 pound mark, because that’s all we want to spend.

Instead, if we go over by a few pence or even a couple of pounds, we just don’t care any more.

We don’t spend that endless time squeezing the pump handle ever so gently for a couple of minutes trying to get it dead on a round figure.

So, the time taken up by more cars at the pump is offset by the fact they’re getting away much quicker even though they’re putting more fuel in! Simple.