Crab dance and pig snorts left me very embarrassed

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It’s rare for me to come across people within the TV/entertainment industry who are either from or have lived in our magnificent city.

The exception was Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger, who lived and trained here in his bodybuilding youth.

But this week I had the pleasure of not only meeting, but working with a fellow Pompey citizen.

I had a phone call from James Kirk, who grew up in Southsea and is now studying at the British Film and Television School in London.

He saw my presenting showreel online and asked if I’d film with him as the host for a new game show he and his fellow students were putting together.

Of course I obliged and spent a day with James filming, which was really brilliant.

The concept for the game show was genuinely a great one (gutted I never thought about it first!) and I loved playing the host – a role I’d never done before and one that allowed me to camp up my cheesiness.

As the day progressed and the cast and crew began to mix and relax, so did I – not always a great thing, because I tend to let my guard down and my alter ego ‘Gobby Gibbs’ presents herself.

In between takes I started chatting to the actor who was playing the game show contestant – a really lovely, genuine, down-to-earth chap.

We got on really well and nattered away about everything and nothing.

For some unknown reason, whilst the crew were setting up for another take, Johnny and I made up a little dance, which involved a weird American handshake and crab movements.

Don’t ask me why. As I said, ‘Gobby Gibbs’ came out and there was little I could do.

Johnny was hysterical and made me laugh so badly that I snorted like a pig really loud.

Everyone stopped setting up and came to see what on earth the noise was, right in the middle of my crab dance.

There I was, hands in ‘pincer’ position, moving up and down the room like a crab, snorting like a pig.

Oh dear, Cheryl. It’s not very often that I get that embarrassed…