Crackdown on speed is a welcome reminder

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It’s an offence that – hand on heart – most people have committed at some point.

Whether on an empty motorway late at night or in a residential area, most of us have broken the speed limit while driving.

But this week beware.

Hampshire police has joined with forces across the UK and Europe in a crackdown.

And while of course there are many more serious crimes, we wholeheartedly support the operation.

As anyone who drives regularly on the M27 knows, speeding drivers can make the experience more hazardous than it need be,

Whether it’s putting their own lives at risk by weaving through traffic or simply zooming past at 100mph, it makes the experience more dangerous.

That’s an experience that is already fraught with hazard. As we read often in these pages, cars, vans and lorries can be killers.

So anything that makes people consider what they’re doing while behind the wheel has to be a good thing.

In this case, the aim is to educate drivers.

Police officers will speak to any they find flouting the law and drill the message home that, just because it seems like a victimless crime, it’s not one without consequence.

Statistics show that in a quarter of fatal accidents in Hampshire last year, speed was a factor.

And over 2013, an incredible 84,000 drivers were caught speeding in Hampshire – 230 a day.

So we ask you today, tomorrow and in the future, when you put the keys in the ignition, take a moment to think.

Is going that bit quicker really worth it? Is arriving at your destination a minute sooner a good trade for increasing the danger level of your journey?

The answer, of course, is no. As Sgt Rob Heard says in our story today, just because there is a limit, it doesn’t mean you have to drive at that speed.

Let’s hope the week-long operation is a success and we all spend a little longer considering our actions on the road.