Crop of circles is no mystery

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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On a visit to a well-known Portsmouth toy shop I was convinced by the man at the check-out to sign up for their loyalty card. It means every time I shop I earn points which will be converted into money-off vouchers.

Of course, this is a clever marketing trick because by using the card they get to know what type of toys I will buy for my daughters.

So if I purchase a Barbie doll, in a few weeks an e-mail will appear in my inbox or a letter will drop on my doormat with offers relating to Barbie dolls.

Of course these offers don’t last long, pressurising me into getting to the toy shop fast to take advantage of their amazing offer. I don’t fall for it but it seems it isn’t just these individual offers which try to tempt me into spending more.

Another regular arrival is the toy shop’s latest catalogue.

Strangely when I get around to looking at it most of the toys have circles around them in felt tip and it doesn’t take a detective to work out who put them there...