Crumbs, I’ve forgotten to clean the tray at bottom of the toaster

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What is the most forgotten-about bit of cleaning that people never seem to do in their kitchens?

I was thinking about this yesterday. Being a bloke, I’d always assumed it was the oven, because a guy will do anything to avoid cleaning the oven.

Why do you think they developed self-cleaning ones so quickly?

But I’ve figured out what the least-cleaned thing in the kitchen is. It’s the toaster crumb tray.

Be honest, how many times have you emptied this in your life?

And how often does 
it cross your mind to clean it?

I reckon I’ve emptied it once in my life, and it’s reached that stage where I’m now too scared to pull it out because I might be horrified by what I see.

I’m just keen to know how often I should be emptying it and cleaning it.

And, is there anything else in your kitchen that you clean less?

Have you ever bought a packet of meat slices, like ham or chicken, from the supermarket and then looked on the pack to see ‘formed from’ pieces of ham or chicken or whatever?

With the words ‘formed from’ it’s like it’s saying ‘this isn’t real ham, or real chicken – it’s just stuff we’ve glued together from the dregs of it!’

They’ve got to be the scariest words on food packaging.

You know when you see a plastic bag which has ‘This Bag Is Not A Toy’ written on it?

Well, I was just wondering, can anyone tell me in what bizarre parallel universe ANY plastic bag is a toy?

Of course it’s not a toy. It’s a bag!

You know these ‘Build A Bear Workshops’?

Do you have to be a trained and licensed animal geneticist to actually build a bear from scratch?

Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

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