Curly’s used his head to assist a worthy cause

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The headshave is a fundraising staple – but rarely can there have been one featuring such an impressive mane as that sported by Matt ‘Curly’ Freeman, as reported today.

Curly’s mass of hair soon fell to the clippers, with Sam John, whom the event was in support of, helping at one point to carve the curls into a mohican en route to the new skinhead look.

Since we first reported Sam John’s story, his family has been deluged by offers of help. The 16-year-old has an inoperable brain tumour, which after several years, has started growing. He needs specialist surgery, called proton beam therapy, in the United States to stop it growing, but this comes at a cost – £100,000 to be precise, and the race is on to hit the target by June.

At the moment Sam’s family do not know whether the NHS will fund the procedure – and if it does not, they will have to find the cash themselves.

It seems that every day we report the efforts of an individual or a group in contributing to the mission for Sam –recent days have seen banks and fish and chip shops join in with the efforts – and it’s a testament to the community spirit that is so evident in this area.

A target of £100,000 must seem a lot at the beginning of the project. But Curly’s dedication is a lesson in itself about how small steps can soon escalate – as he says, he’s raised about £600 just from people at his school, Cams Hill in Fareham.

As the campaign grows, so the target will become more achievable, and everyone who has got involved should be proud of the efforts that make possible the prospect of the life-saving surgery.

And as chance would have it, Curly’s shave was not the only fundraising haircut of the last few days.

Little Elijah Edney had never had a trim before and had long, blond hair that was more than a foot long. His mum decided it was time for the chop – and not only will the three-year-old’s hair go to make wigs for ill children, but he has raised about £1,000 for the charity as well.

In every sense, hats off to Curly and Elijah.