Cycling naked? Then choose your saddle with great care

Joe Wicks - The Body Coach

CHERYL GIBBS: I’m half a stone lighter thanks to Joe

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Today is a celebration of the body beautiful – some more beautiful than others. The World Naked Bike Ride takes place this afternoon, starting at Eastney and gently bouncing along the seafront to Clarence Pier.

The ride is designed to celebrate the innocence of the human body, draw attention to cyclist vulnerability and the overuse of fossil fuels in society.

I’ve only ridden a bicycle naked once and it left me pondering whether it’s more painful for a woman or a man? The choice of saddle can be life-changing. Feeling the breeze, gently cooling your concerns is delightful, but there are many hazards. Sunburn, wasp stings, chaffing, should all be taken into careful consideration.