Dance-A-Thon was a different way to spend Saturday night

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Usually on a Saturday night I’m doing one of two things – going out with my family and friends to celebrate yet another birthday (I have a big family) or enjoying a quiet night in with partner Matt, a bottle of wine and a takeaway.

But last Saturday night was spent with 73 women and two men who decided to fundraise for charity by dancing non-stop for six hours.

I was asked to compere the Dance-A-Thon charity fundraiser for the Rowans Hospice, which was held at Portsmouth Football Club.

The name of the game was for contestants to dance six different types of styles practically non-stop from 6pm until midnight.

My job was to host the night, which basically consisted of me kicking the night off and then going up on stage at the top of every hour to thank the previous dance instructor and introduce the next one.

I was so moved to see so many ladies (and fair play to the two lads who showed up and took part, with one even donning a tutu!) who gave up their Saturday night to raise lots of money for such a worthy cause.

I remember The Rowans asked me to compere the event last year, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend because I had already booked my 30th birthday party.

So when they asked me again this year, I couldn’t say no.

I turned up wearing a nice dress with knee-high socks and bright purple boots (purple was the theme),

But I soon realised that my attire wasn’t that practical if I was going to join in.

You know me, what were the chances of me sitting down and twiddling my thumbs in between each routine? Slim to none.

So I called my sister to come down and bring me some sensible shoes.

Then I rocked a pretty dress and Converse combo for the whole night, joining in with the cowboy moves of the line dancing and the fast-paced sequences of Zumba.

So, a very different way to spend a Saturday night, but I loved every single second.