Darth meeting was a photo op

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Sheer blind panic, what a nice way to prepare for the new year!

My trusting wife has a habit of leaving me in charge of the two little nutters that live in our house.

After six years, I’m starting to get a handle on Molly.

But at 20 months, Jack still gives me the run-around.

After leaving the door to the stairs slightly ajar, he took advantage of my forgetfulness and decided to head up the stairs on his own.

He also decided that it would be even more of a challenge to attempt the ascent wearing our black bathroom bin on his head.

Remembering I’m an idiot, I sprinted to the bottom of the stairs to see a little Darth Vader teetering eight stairs up.

Shocked by my own ineptitude, I scooped him up and returned him safely to terra firma.

Then removed the bin…after a few photos.