Date night? No, I ended up drinking mojitos with mum

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I’ve been working in London for the past few weeks on a fast turnaround project for Channel Five which will be broadcast later this month.

It’s been great as the subject of the programme is films so, as you can imagine, I’ve been in my element.

We eventually crawled in at 3am after spending the entire evening dancing and drinking with my mum and getting a late-night curry

The only problem has been that because it has had to be done in a relatively short space of time, I’ve been doing really late nights and working on Saturdays up in town.

It’s not that I don’t want to pull my weight, it’s just rather annoying when you have a two-and-a-bit hour commute to and from London and Portsmouth either side of your very long day.

But anyway, last Saturday, after working all day Matt and I decided we should have a ‘date night’.

This was because we’d been so busy that we hadn’t really spent any time together for a while.

So although I didn’t get in until 7.30pm, I was excited at the prospect of doing something with Matt.

We ordered a taxi to pick us up at 7.50pm.

By anyone’s standards, 20 minutes to get ready isn’t really long enough, but after being in London all day all I wanted was to get out and have a drink.

So you can imagine my dismay when the taxi never showed up until 8.15pm.

I could have washed my hair after all. Great.

Determined to not let it ruin our night, but still boiling with anger on the inside, we headed to Tiger Tiger at Gunwharf Quays.

And who did we see as we walked through the doors?

None other than my mum, my sister and some friends who had decided to go out for the evening.

Okay, we thought, we’ll have one drink with them and then go on somewhere on our own.

Well, to cut a long story short, 3am is the time we eventually crawled in after spending the entire evening dancing and drinking with my mum and getting a late-night curry.

So much for date night...

It was a fab evening, mind – and not many people can say that after drinking mojitos with their mum!