Day that I upset a poser in front of famous Angelina Jolie tree

Inspiration: Madeleine Shaw

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I’m a bit of a film buff, so imagine my delight when I found out that Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider was not only filmed at one of the temples in Angkor Wat town (see above), but that it was part of our tour!

Trees have grown around the temple structures, creating a snake-like appearance.

There was a girl posing in front of them for her boyfriend’s camera and she was so over-the-top I thought at first she was joking. But no.

So we get to the famous Angelina Jolie tree featured in the film and I decide to go all out and pull the most extrovert, outrageous pose – much to the delight of everyone else who started laughing and clapping.

Meanwhile the poser walked off in a huff and gave me filthy looks throughout the rest of the day!