Days of supermarket meltdowns are over

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Fun and laughter, that’s how I would describe life with my two daughters. But of course sometimes things can be different and I can feel like my hair is about to fall out when my children are being naughty and defiant.

My daughter Alyssa turned four this year and I can confidently say she is now out of the Terrible Twos that seemed to last longer than just a year.

To try to define the Terrible Twos would be to say that it’s that time of your young child’s life when a lot of their time is spent moaning, whining, crying and saying ‘no’ to simple requests.

It would be stupid to say she doesn’t have the odd tantrum now and then. Let’s face it, even adults can sometimes.

But now she is older they don’t usually last long and she is fully aware that bad behaviour means certain treats and privileges will be withdrawn.

It’s strange because although I think she is growing up way too fast and I already miss the days when she was smaller, I am really happy the Terrible Twos days are over for her.

It seems like only yesterday when the tiniest thing could set off a full-blown tantrum.

In private this was fine. There was a routine to deal with those situations which usually meant ignoring the bad behaviour.

Sometimes though it would happen in public.

You could be anywhere. In the supermarket, in a restaurant or even in a car park.

Most tantrums would look the same. All control of the body would be lost with arms and legs flapping all over the place and piercing screams which I’m sure could be heard in Scotland.

When it happens you can feel all eyes are on you.

Sometimes I’d get a knowing smile from a stranger which I translated into meaning ‘I’ve been there, keep going’.

But as I say, those days are over and I can’t see Alyssa having any more supermarket meltdowns. Now the tables have turned and I’m the one giving the knowing ‘I’ve been there’ smile.

My sister’s daughter Amelia has just turned two and it is now obvious the Terrible Twos have started.

Recently she had a tantrum because her mum helped her put her shoes on when she wanted to do it all herself. She then proceeded to sit behind her bedroom door and sulk with her hands covering her face. So now it is me that looks on and smiles because I’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt.

I also know that is doesn’t end at the Terrible Twos because they are followed up by the Terrifying Threes and if you’re really unlucky the Frightful Fours.