Deal with troublemakers, but don’t penalise the rest

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Is it just good old-fashioned jealousy that drives people to hate students so much?

People who aren’t at university seem to have such a natural downer on those who are that there must be a reason. Perhaps it simply comes down to the fact that many people are envious of their lie-ins and weeks consisting of a few lectures interspersed with lots of This Morning.

But whatever the root cause, it’s clear all is not well here in Portsmouth on the student front and that’s a shame.

The city council is pleased with itself now it’s introduced a draft policy to limit the number of shared houses in any one area to just 10 per cent.

Students make up the lion’s share of multiple occupancy homes so they will bear the brunt of this and the policy was introduced following complaints from people about student shenanigans.

And yet what’s the point in introducing an anti-student policy that makes our city appear less attractive to young people?

Students have never had it so tough. Many of them will saddle themselves with an unbearable amount of debt in order to take part in something that my generation pretty much took for granted.

Plenty of them will simply decide not to bother with uni. Those who are prepared to take out loans will be picky about where they go.

Tarring them all as troublesome, inconsiderate, neighbours unable to get along with others is hardly the best way to extend the hand of friendship.

The fact that Portsmouth City Council is one of the first to even consider doing something like this speaks volumes.

There are far busier student cities than ours and not many of them have seen fit to issue a draconian clamp-down on where people can and can’t live.

Of course I have sympathy for anyone who has a problem with any neighbour. We can expect to live peacefully without fuss and bother from others.

But I refuse to believe that all students are a nightmare, or that you need a sledge-hammer to crack a nut.

Those who cause trouble should be dealt with on an individual basis in exactly the same way as anyone else.

All the rest should be allowed to get on with enjoying our city.