Delivery diet helped me to lose weight and feel better

CHOMP After a month of being healthy, Rick's back on burgers
CHOMP After a month of being healthy, Rick's back on burgers

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Can someone who has a love for burgers, pizza, curry and kebabs eat healthily for a month? The answer is an undoubted yes. I know because I’ve just done it.

Thirty days ago, I started my delivery diet. This is where a company delivers every single meal to your door, pre-prepared. You only eat what they give you and no snacking!

Along with a breakfast, lunch and evening meal, you’re asked to drink between four and five pints of water a day, plus two caffeinated drinks a day to avoid the withdrawal headaches and up to three small glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon red wine, as this has the best antioxidant qualities. You see, diets aren’t that bad!

Apparently it also takes 30 days to break any habit, so I focused on the job ahead and began.

With other diets you just cut things out or eat similar foods as before, only less of them and lower-fat versions. But I didn’t really learn anything from these diets and soon piled the pounds back on when they stopped.

This time round it’s been very different. I’ve also learned about portion sizes, how certain foods make you feel and that hunger is, more often than not, really thirst.

Never again will I go for a biscuit for that sugar rush and then slump when I feel a hunger pang.

Another aspect of my 30-day diet was that it was wheat and dairy free. Why, you ask. Well, a number of health problems have been linked back to dairy products.

They are difficult for us to digest so they stay in the body much longer. Is it any coincidence that people fighting cancer go dairy-free?

Wheat is also very hard to digest. It makes us feel sluggish and bloated. You know how you feel after a big pasta dish.

So, what were the results of my delivery diet, you’re all asking.

As well as feeling a massive improvement in my general wellbeing, in 30 days I’ve lost 1st 9lbs and my waist is now six-and-a-half inches smaller.

So will I keep it up now it’s finished? You bet! Apparently as long as you’re good with what you eat for six days each week, you’ll be fine.

A Mick’s Monster Burger on Portsdown Hill this Saturday it is then!