Despite the storms, I’m now a big fan of ‘motorhoming’

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I always thought the coolest thing on six wheels was a double-decker bus – until last weekend. Now I reckon it’s a mobile home.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Boy, Rick really is the coolest man alive. What amazing taste in vehicles he has.

I’ll leave the Ferraris and Lamborghinis to Chris Evans. I like my vehicles big and slow.

Back in October my wife, Sarah, won a charity auction bid for a weekend away in a motorhome and on Friday I picked up our brand new camper from the Marquis showroom in Lower Upham.

It was literally a case of peeling off the cellophane on this brand new vehicle. Six berths, shower/WC, gas hob and oven, fridge freezer. A real home from home.

We’d decided to explore the Gower Peninsula in South Wales.

We had a pitch reserved in a place called Pitton, a mile from Rhossili with stunning coastal views, including Lundy Island in the distance.

Shame we picked one of the worst weekends of the winter to go though. Warnings of storm force winds on the radio didn’t put us off as we arrived at our unspoilt, but pitch black destination.

I connected our new home up to the mains, lowered all the blinds, switched on the lights and put the warm air heating on full.

Within five minutes we were nice and toasty.

I’ve always loved the idea of the wild elements outside and us cosy and warm inside.

But by 10pm it was apparent we were in the teeth of a massive storm, on a headland overlooking the sea.

The driving rain and howling wind drowned out the DVD and the 85mph winds buffeted us. But our camper stood strong.

The whole of Saturday was spent cuddled up watching movies, whilst outside 40ft waves crash on to the shore and trees thrashed around in a whipping action.

But the appearance of some sun on Sunday took us down to the beach for long walks, tea and people-watching.

Despite the wet and windy weather, our love of ‘motorhoming’ is now confirmed and another item has been added to the wish list!