Dial-up internet ended up as a real pain in the proverbial

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BT shut down its dial-up service last week as most of us are now on broadband.

And thank goodness we are. For those of you who are too young, dial-up internet was a marvel the first time you logged on, then after that a pain in the proverbial as you listened to your computer accessing data.

I kid you not, the noise of dial-up connections should be recorded and played as a museum exhibit, with a big ‘guess what this is’ multi-choice game next to it.

It could include questions such as: How long did it take to get a connection a) 1 minute, b) 20 minutes, c) Forever.

Or how long was the average e-mail address? If you don’t remember, here’s what they looked like: t38745687435681437@aol.com.