Did someone change history?

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This year is obviously 2015 which, as film fans know, is the year that all the future stuff from the second BackTo The Future movie is set.

A lot of people have criticised the movie for not predicting the future very well, because things like flying cars and hover-boards have yet to come into existence.

But has anyone thought, maybe the reason that nothing is like they said it was going to be is because someone went back in time and changed the course of history?

n According to a new poll, one in three people worry they have forgotten to switch off appliances after leaving the house.

A common fear of women is that they’ve always left the iron on after going out.

Although this is not a very common worry amongst men, mainly because, as most women will tell you, men don’t actually know how to switch on an iron!

n This happened to my friend the other day and it really freaked him out. He was sat in his studio flat watching TV and preparing some food after doing his house chores.

Then his microwave started beeping at exactly the same time as his washing machine beeped because it had come to the end of its cycle.

But not only that, just as these two beeps went off, his TV started beeping as he was watching Mastermind and the time for questions had just run out.

So he had three loads of beeps going off at the same time! What are the odds on that happening?

n Answer me this. If you’re in a queue, say at the post office or at a supermarket checkout, how far are you allowed to move out of that queue before it can legitimately be argued that you’ve left the queue and you’re no longer in it?

I took two steps away from a queue in the supermarket the other day in order to grab something from one of the displays and some woman tried to claim that I’d left my place and should have to go to the back.

Is there something written in the law about this?