Did they trust banks even less?

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You know how you regularly get people with metal detectors finding hoards of Bronze Age or Roman coins buried in fields?

I was just wondering – does the fact they’re always buried in fields mean that people back then trusted the banks even less than we do now?

Couples will no longer be allowed to get married naked in naturist weddings under a rethink of marriage law ordered by ministers. It’s a shame, because it sounds like a good idea and here are a couple of reasons why.

The Best Man will have to keep hold of the rings because he won’t have any pockets to store them in, which means there’s less chance of him forgetting where he’s put them.

And you can use the money you’ve saved on wedding clothes to pay the fine you’ll probably get after the police have arrested you for public indecency when you head off on honeymoon naked as well!

Ryanair says it plans to test streaming movies to passengers’ tablets and smartphones.

But I can’t help feeling there’s something deeply ironic about Ryanair trying to squeeze a large screen format into a really small screen.

I also wonder if Ryanair used to show DVDs because if they did, I’m assuming there were no extras on them!

I went to buy a birthday card to give to someone the other day and it came with one of those card protectors.

Which is basically a bit of card ,with the words ‘card protector’ written on it, that you put inside the envelope to stop the card you’re sending getting damaged in the post.

If the card protector is just a bit of card, like the actual card is, then do you need to send it with a card protector as well?

It seems like a really bad idea, because if your friend gets the card with a card protector through the post, then it feels like there’s something really substantial inside the envelope, like tickets or a voucher.