Didn’t any alarm bells ring when she asked for 36DD?

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Just what we all like to see when we pick up the papers in the morning – the NHS has reportedly splashed out nearly £5,000 on a boob enlargement for a glamour model wannabe.

Telesales worker Josie Cunningham, 22, apparently got the operation free on the NHS after telling her GP that being flat-chested was ruining her life.

Didn’t anyone think that the reason she wanted the enhancement was because she wanted to be a model? Surely alarm bells should have started ringing when she asked for 36DD!

I reckon there will be a queue of people now hammering down their doctor’s door looking for some kind of body improvement.

So if I went to the doctor and told him or her I wanted to be a sprinter but was feeling inadequate in the trouser department and it was affecting my mental wellbeing, would I get the okay for a little surgical assistance?

What a joke!

Especially in these times of cutbacks, when people who have much greater needs are often refused drugs because the NHS can’t afford them.

Apart from the girl herself, is there anyone out there who’d agree with what’s happened? It’s our taxes that have paid for this.

But she’ll pay more back in taxes when she becomes a glamour model, I hear you say. Now I’m no oil painting, but surely you have to look the part before you appear in FHM.

The mother-of-two is reported as saying that, once the scars from her surgery have healed, she will leave the children and chihuahua with her parents and go off and chase her dream.

Hmmm. Well, what should we expect from someone whose favourite celebrity is Jordan? I ask you.

Josie has even had brown highlights put in her hair to make her look more like her idol.

She believes she’ll easily be able to adapt to a life of celebrity because her friend’s boyfriend was once on The Apprentice.

Well. my cousin lives in Australia so I’d easily be able to wrestle a crocodile then.

Maybe she should have just gone for a brain transplant instead.