Dignity and discretion are at heart of hospice care

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The needs of patients have always been at the heart of everything at The Rowans Hospice.

Their dignity is of paramount importance, which is why we are delighted to report today on the official opening of two new reception areas at the hospice in Purbrook.

A Department of Health grant has provided the necessary funds to create a dedicated patient entrance.

This means patients arriving can be received more discreetly rather than mixing in with everybody else.

It’s a development that sums up The Rowans’ ethos of trying to provide the best possible service for people and their families at what can be a very difficult time in their lives.

Privacy can be hugely important and the new patients’ reception provides that, plus a more personal service from a special team of dedicated volunteers.

The grant has also given the hospice the opportunity to redesign the existing reception area to include a mezzanine floor providing additional therapy space, a dedicated ‘quiet’ room and a new coffee shop serving visitors, volunteers and staff.

It’s great news for this wonderful place and just shows what can be achieved if sufficient funds are available.

Because at the end of the day, it does come down to money. The hospice can only provide what it can afford.

Though this latest development was funded by government cash, The Rowans can only continue to offer a valuable service for patients if donations keep on being made.

In this country we have a great tradition of hospices working alongside the National Health Service and The Rowans is one of the finest examples.

But it relies on public support to keep going.

We urge you to donate what you can afford, consider benefiting the hospice in your will, hold a fundraising event or buy items from one of the hospice shops.

Every pound helps to ensure that the hospice will be there if you or a loved one ever need its special kind of care.