Dinner For One was just the job

Picture: Ian Hargreaves

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‘The same procedure as last year Miss Sophie?’ enquired her elderly and very inebriated butler as he accompanied her up the stairs to bed.

Peels of laughter and rapturous applause ricocheted around the walls of The Cellars at Eastney as both actors exited the stage on that punchline.

Last Saturday we’d been thoroughly entertained by a one-act play called Dinner For One.

It’s Miss Sophie’s 90th birthday and she wants to celebrate it with her four best pals – unfortunately all four gents are deceased.

So James the butler not only impersonates them, he has to drink their alcohol. As he serves he makes that hilarious enquiry.

Brilliantly played by Christopher Marlowe and Suzanne Bowen.

Ten quid for the play, B/W film and afternoon tea. More afternoon entertainment please.