Dinner with Angela and Elton’s ‘Susie’

Inspiration: Madeleine Shaw

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I’m a firm believer in killing two birds with one stone and this was the case last Sunday when I received a dinner invitation from one of my Cash In The Attic co-presenters, Angela Rippon.

Angela lives near Hyde Park in Kensington, so I thought it would be a great to drive up to London early and visit the Victoria & Albert Museum.

I first discovered the V&A whilst on a field trip during my Fine Art Valuation degree in 1994.

Unlike Mrs Cameron, I’m not a fan of shopping. So whenever a London or Knightsbridge shopping trip is on the cards, I excuse myself and disappear into the V&A.

If you are not a fan of decorative arts there is always the Science Museum or Natural History Museum, all located on the same block with The Royal Albert Hall and Imperial College.

My niece Claudia has just started her first year at Imperial College studying geology and geophysics, so I decided to pay her a surprise visit at her student halls of residence.

However, she insisted on meeting us at the museum – methinks she didn’t want me to see the pile of washing up!

After hearing about her first few weeks, I thought I would educate her about the museums surrounding her college and how the money to buy the land had come from the £170,000 profit generated at the Great Exhibition of 1851.

My niece did her best to act genuinely interested, though she eventually glazed over. Until, that is, I slipped her some extra pocket money but made her promise not to spend it all down the pub.

Well, I was a student once you know!

Dinner at Angela’s house went well too. We were joined by actors Jan Harvey and Stephen Yardley from Howard’s Way and our managing agent Sue Ayton, who was the ‘Susie’ in Sir Elton John’s classic song Crocodile Rock.

That’s enough name-dropping for this week!

It would seem that in addition to being a journalist, writer, dancer and one of the most respected presenters on TV, Angela is also a superb cook.

I left my adoption papers on her hall table, but as of yet I’ve received no reply!