Diplodocus makes me dinosaur dunce

Kathryn Osgood

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Fellow parents: have you ever had the feeling your child is more intelligent than you? I have and it seems to be happening on a daily basis.

I learned a lot in my time at my Portsmouth schools but I fear a lot of it has dropped out of my memory forever.

Just recently I was flicking through the television channels when I stumbled upon a programme about dinosaurs.

At this point six-year-old Caitlin pointed at the screen and declared: ‘Dad, that’s a diplodocus and it’s a leaf-eater’.

I couldn’t confirm or deny whether her information was true, well not until I’d consulted my good friend Google. She was, of course, correct.

Then, one morning while walking to school she looked up at the sky and she told me the name of the cloud that was in the distance. Cumulus apparently.

It feels like I’m the one that needs to go to back to school.

But what I have learned is that if I am ever a contestant on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, Caitlin would be my phone-a-friend.