Discovering a strange connection

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Two of my close friends have lost parents recently and, having lost my mother 11 years ago, I know how hard it can be adjusting to life without them.

Losing a loved one in the natural order of things is hard enough, but losing a child is every parent’s worst fear.

Is it coincidence, or unexplainable forces?

My cousin lost his 13-year-old daughter 12 years ago, while my Cash In The Attic co-presenter Gloria Hunniford also lost her daughter, Caron Keating.

Both have told me ‘when you lose a child, a part of you dies with them’.

It is during these difficult times of loss that some of us search for answers. Is there life after death or is this it?

After losing my mother, little things would occur which convinced us she was still around.

Her favourite song might come on the radio as we were talking about her, white feathers appeared from nowhere and, strangest of all, my first episode of Cash In The Attic, filmed six months earlier, was screened for the very first time the day after she died.

As the whole family sat down to watch the episode, we saw numerous close-ups of my mum on national TV.

When I first met astrologer Russell Grant he made a strange remark about me being good with hair and then started calling me ‘Johnny Boy’.

When I told him my mum’s pet name for me was ‘Johnny Boy’ and that she had wanted me to follow her into the hairdressing profession, Russell totally believed our paths were destined to cross.

After one of my mum’s closest friends had lost a son, she read books about life after death.

She recommended a book to my cousin entitled Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr Brian Weiss, a fascinating insight into hypnotic regression.

My cousin read it and gave me a copy for Gloria Hunniford.

When she was writing him a thank-you card, we discovered a strange connection.

Gloria has a sister called Lena, my mum Lena has a sister called Gloria, who is my aforementioned cousin’s mum, and both Glorias have a mum called Mary.

When Gloria was writing to my cousin I told her it was his birthday that day, June 9.

She said ‘it’s my son’s birthday today too!

Coincidence, or unexplainable forces?

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