This dispute needs to be resolved - and quickly

There are few things more important than making sure children get a good education.

Saturday, 2nd July 2016, 6:24 am

Which is why it’s concerning to report today that teachers are planning to take industrial action on Tuesday.

A number of schools will be closed and others affected.

But, as always, the situation is nuanced.

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Teachers are taking action because they feel that government cuts and changes to contracts mean educating children in the future will be impacted upon.

The government wants to press ahead with its changes as part of its wider savings plan.

In this sort of dispute, it’s very easy to make a snap judgment on who is right or wrong.

Some say that teachers should not take any action that could have a negative impact on children.

But, as we report today and have done previously, they feel that their voice is not being heard.

Therefore there are few options left but to strike to get the seriousness of their point over to the government.

Today, we echo the comments of Hampshire education boss Peter Edgar, who says he hopes it will not lead to widespread disruption.

Yes, it will cause some problems – parents forced to take a day off, pupils missing important school time.

But the teachers say they are looking at the big picture.

We have sympathy with all sides in this argument.

We only hope that the teachers and the government are able to come to an agreement as soon as possible.

The last thing any young person needs is their education disrupted on a regular basis.