Ditch the leopard print and make-up, we want natural

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Do we dress to impress the opposite (or same) sex, or do we dress to look and feel comfortable in our own skin?

I’m sure it’s a bit of both, but on a night out on the town, surely we dress to impress?

We want to look our finest and maybe attract a mate.

I was fascinated by a recent survey which revealed what celebrities we wish the opposite sex would dress like.

A stroll down Portsmouth’s Guildhall Walk on a Saturday evening will reveal most people get it so horribly wrong, especially people in their 20s.

A list of don’ts was also fascinating reading.

So why are we making such drastic mistakes, when classy and understated is how we really want people to look, not tarty or ‘gangster rapper-esque’.

All those men who wear their jeans hanging low, showing off their pants – stop!

Ladies who wear those tacky extensions and heavy eye-liner – stop! You’re creating the wrong impression.

When it comes to that first date, how you look is going to make up someone’s mind straight away.

When it boils down to it, less is more for both sexes.

Women surveyed said they would want a man to dress like George Clooney or David Beckham.

Which means rugged with a certain smartness to show that effort has been made.

Try to pull off the Justin Bieber look and you’ll end up coming across like Ali G.

For ladies, it’s even more surprising how men prefer women to look.

Ditch the leopard print, hooker heels, heavy make-up and the displayed G-string.

We want natural all the way. Kate Middleton or Holly Willoughby are the celebs we want women to dress like. The only way is classy instead of Essex.

But sadly, most girls on a Saturday night apply more make-up and fake tan than a Strictly Come Dancing contestant.

We really should take a lesson from our Italian and French cousins.

When they dress for a night out, they look stylish.