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At 18 I had passed my City & Guilds in decorating.

I was a qualified coach painter, specialising in a high gloss, quality finish.

An old, worn-out vehicle would leave our paint shop gleaming, looking like new with a mirror finish coat of paint. I felt proud.

By 20, I was a baker. Loaves, rolls, confectionery, I did it all.

From granary to donuts, croissants to Danish pastries, I made the lot.

Seeing the smiling face of our customers as they bought the goods also made me proud.

Twenty years on and I am a very different man.

I have lost all those practical skills I once possessed.

Radio has made me lazy. My time and energy is now used in coming up with the ideas needed to fill my four-hour shows.

Picking up a paint brush has been the last thing on my mind.

I certainly don’t regret the path I have taken since leaving the bakery for the radio studio, but I’ve noticed a change in my attitude recently.

At one time, I wouldn’t have thought twice about calling someone in to repair something around the house. But now I have the urge to do it myself.

I’ve realised that I’ve missed that satisfaction of looking back at a completed job well done.

You don’t quite get that with radio, as it’s invisible.

There is nothing to look back on over your work!

We want to give our kitchen a make-over. My wife has called in a builder for a quote. She has laid out the work we want done and he’s given us his very reasonable price.

But my urge is now to tackle this myself.

How difficult can it be to remove part of a stud wall and make good?

How difficult can re-tiling really be?

Surely I can replace all the doors on our kitchen cabinets and erect a bi-fold door?

Luckily, all these jobs can now be demonstrated on YouTube so all I need to do is pop off and buy myself some tools and a pair of dungarees!

Hmmm. Have you ever seen the TV show DIY Disasters & Divorce?