Do any celebs realise what a fortunate position they’re in?

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I’m really shocked by this year’s Celebrity Big Brother. Have you been watching?

Admittedly, now that it’s on Channel Five it doesn’t get anywhere near the ratings or publicity that it used to get back in its heyday.

But I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard about it, even if you haven’t managed to tune in yet.

Once again there are few actual celebrities in the house.

Comedian Jim Davidson, ex-boxer Evander Holyfield (who has already plunged this year’s show into controversy by declaring that being gay ‘ain’t normal’) and singer Linda Nolan are probably the three biggest ‘stars’ in the show, which says it all really.

Let’s be honest, I’m about as famous as Luisa Zissman or Casey Batchelor (others in the house) and that’s saying something because my current star meter is at about -1!

What has really wound me up more than anything in the latest series is the audacity of house mate Lee Ryan (you know, the one from boy band Blue).

Since entering the house, he’s done nothing but get into some kind of ridiculous three-way love triangle with Casey and Jasmine Waltz.

Perhaps you might be reading this thinking I’m bitter and twisted, but let me set the record straight.

My reaction is not because I’m jealous of any one of them.

Honestly, you couldn’t pay me enough money to go on a show like Celebrity Big Brother and make a fool of myself and embarrass my family.

It just wouldn’t happen.

But it winds me up no end that someone like Lee who, let’s face it, has had not a bad music career, behaves so immaturely by playing around with two girls in the house.

Are there any ‘celebrities’ out there who actually appreciate the very fortunate position they’re in and consider they might actually be role models to all those who for some reason look up to them?

I reckon Lee, Casey and Jasmine have made themselves look silly.

But they’ve also provided Celebrity Big Brother with more controversy to get us talking about it.

So I guess they’ve done their jobs then.