Do Greek weather presenters say it’s wetter than the UK?

Inspiration: Madeleine Shaw

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Having been in broadcasting for nearly 20 years, there are some basics that still puzzle me.

Weather forecasting for instance. It’s not enough to say ‘it’s going to be 24-25 degrees this weekend’, they have to throw in the cursory ‘..that’s warmer than Crete..’

Why? Is it to make us feel smug that on a rare occasion we’re actually getting a better deal than our Greek cousins?

Or is it because some people literally can’t comprehend how warm 24-25 degrees is?

We’re famous for our lifelong obsession with the weather, but I’m interested to see if it works the other way.

During heavy downpours in Greece, would the forecaster scowl ‘expect prolonged showers today, 20-30mm in an hour…that’s even wetter than the UK’