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Surely there comes a time when enough is enough.

And now is surely is that time at Pompey. So we’re backing the supporters’ trust in its call for the club’s former owner Balram Chainrai to go now with his head held high. 
As the row over the value of Fratton Park rumbles on for yet another month, the club desperately needs a break.

So we ask Mr Chainrai, please, talk to your team, your lawyers, your advisers, whoever and find a solution to this mess. 
It’s gone on for far too long already and prolonging the agony will only mean yet more costs for all parties involved – something the club can ill-afford.
Yes, it will be too little too late for many Pompey fans who won’t forgive what’s happened to the club under Mr Chainrai’s tenure, but it would show willing and mean the trust could properly get going with the most important job – getting Pompey back on an even keel. 
It’s profoundly depressing to time and time again see the interested parties gather at a courtroom to find a way forward, only to discover minutes later that the case is off and little or nothing’s happened.
So now there are 28 days before the next hearing in London. 
And if agreement can be reached before then, then maybe the club and all who support it can start to look forwards again.
That’s 28 days in which no doubt there’ll be plenty of work going on behind the scenes.
We can only hope that this time it bears some fruit.
Mr Chainrai is the man with the power in his hands and we can only hope he does the right thing.
It would be a great way to kick off 2013 for Pompey and everyone in the city to know that this situation was finally resolved, once and for all.