Do these people understand the cost of refurbishment?

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Our local corner shop has shut down for a while as it’s having a refurbishment.

It’s made me reflect on how big a part of my life this store is and how excessively I have come to rely on the One Stop.

Except it never was, or is, one stop. It’s more of a Panic And Grab What You Can Before Heading To The Chip Shop Stop.

It’s so close and handy that no-one ever writes a list and that’s why they end up visiting three times a day - which means it could be called a Three Stop.

There’s never enough in there to quite tick off the list of ingredients for a healthy meal, although I can see that the effort is there with the stocking of products.

There’s fresh fruit and vegetables, cat food, Babybels, crazy mini-meatballs and giant packets of toilet paper, plus anniversary cards.

You can get poppadums, but not mango chutney. Wraps, but often not salsa. It’s Nearly-A-One-But-Not-Quite-Stop.

But even if it did have everything, who remembers to buy multiple items when popping in?

It’s so close and handy that no-one ever writes a list and that’s why they end up visiting three times a day. Which means it could be called a Three Stop.

Considering I have no other options and the people that work there are generally cheerful, perhaps I should leave my renaming, especially as my efforts are so poor.

With my local handy dandy shop that I visit all the time temporarily out of action, one would assume that, without the instant recourse to snacks (which it has plenty of in all shapes, sizes and offer combinations) I would lose a few pounds.

No such luck. In fact it’s the opposite.

What happens is I get in the car to drive to another local (but not to me) shop to grab the staples of milk and bread and then some sweets, cakes and crisps just in case I need them later in the evening. Which I always do.

In fact, it seems I need them on the way home from the shop.

Thus my car doors are now stuffed with wrappers from chocolates, cookies and doughnuts.

So not only am I being inconvenienced by the Three Or More Stop, I am also getting fatter.

Do these people understand the true cost of refurbishment?